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Power of Productivity and Convenience of Cloud


A new document explaining the cloud service infrastructure Microsoft uses for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is now available. I have saved it as a PDF and posted it on my Windows Live Skydrive. Here is the link: http://bit.ly/CRM_Cloud_Infrastructure

Microsoft is deeply committed to cloud computing and has made a multi-billion dollar investment in the infrastructure and tens of thousands of software engineers are working on cloud computing projects.

With the global release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online customers in 40 markets around the world can get comprehensive CRM capabilities delivered from world-class infrastructure with multi-level security. All this while preserving individual tenant administration, broad mobile device support and many features to support regulatory compliance.

The document covers the following topics:

  • Datacentre Facilities and Connectivity
  • Scalability and Performance
  • Security
  • System Monitoring
  • Release Cadence and Maintenance
  • Backup, Recovery and Data Management
  • Disaster Management and Business Continuity
  • Certifications, Audits and Compliance
    If you have ever heard a Microsoft person talk about Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and they started babbling about scale groups and pods then this document is for you. It even includes my favourite diagram, enjoy.


    Regards, Ross

Twitter: @rossd_crm

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