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The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector Series – Bringing relevant data together…

Microsoft Dynamics is about empowering people and organisations to have better experiences with their enterprise business applications.

Combining relational and transactional data in a meaningful way has long been one of the most daunting challenges companies face in providing relevant data to their users and customers alike. Now the Dynamics CRM Connector for AX, NAV and GP is opening new doors for combing relational and transactional information in a simple, effective way.

Most organisations regard the scope of an enterprise business project as being outside of the bounds of what they or their applications are capable of accomplishing. While a certain percentage of their needs are met in the core functionality of an application, others can only be met by customising the product.

In the event that those specific needs require relational data for their ERP applications, or ERP transactional data in the customer management systems, there are few options beyond creating intensive integrations. The Dynamics CRM Connector makes sharing relational and transactional data simple, reliable and extensible.

The current version of the Connector supports both on premise and on-line version of Dynamics CRM 4.0 and CRM 2011 with transactional connections to Dynamics GP 10 & 2010, Dynamics NAV 2009R2, and Dynamics AX 2009 SP1.

A 2 page overview of the Dynamics CRM Connector can be downloaded here for printing.

The Dynamics CRM Connector requires no additional licensing fees. For more information on the Dynamics CRM Connector, please visit the Microsoft team’s blog at: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/dynamicsconnector/

Regards, Ross

Twitter: @rossd_crm

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