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With the Dynamics CRM Online Beta do we really only get 5 licenses?

For those of you kicking around the public beta of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online (www.crm2011beta.com) the default number of user licenses provisioned for each new beta organisation is 5. If you requested the beta organisation you will be the administrator. It is very straight forward to increase the number if user licenses during the beta, and it doesn’t cost anything extra for the beta.

So if you would like more than 5 of you to experience the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online cloud service, based on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 codebase, then just go and increase the license count to whatever you need. To do that, go to Settings,

then Administration,

then Subscription Management, then follow the options to add more licenses. As it is beta, you can add as many as you want and there is no charge, until it turns into a commercial service early next year.

As for what happens later, members of the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) will be able to take advantage of our Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Internal Use Rights Benefits. This will come online for Australian partners once the service goes commercial here in January 2011. Details for how this works is based on your MPN membership are here: https://partner.microsoft.com/US/productssolutions/dynamics/40149008

Cheers, Ross
Twitter: rossd_crm

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