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New xRM White Paper: Patient Relationship Management Software and Paediatric Diabetes

White Paper Abstract

New patient relationship management (PRM) software helps children and young people with diabetes and their parents manage their condition more effectively while also improving the efficiency and quality of service provided by their healthcare professionals. Instead of optimising an inefficient process, the new software has been part of a wider change focused on patient engagement, self-management, and inter-disciplinary collaboration around best practice care paths. This new approach, which includes Microsoft technology and a solution developed by the company Tribal, will help to increase benefits for patients as well as practitioners in other areas of medicine and public health.

Patient relationship management (PRM) brings the concepts of customer relationship management (CRM) to healthcare. This customer-centric strategy and the software that underpins it help organisations to improve customer satisfaction, to reduce costs, to serve their customers better and to improve the overall efficiency of their customer-centric processes.

The PRM solution used in this case is based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM; configured by Microsoft health specialist partner, Tribal. The system provides:

  • A secure portal for patients that allows them to get information about their condition, book appointments, access their care plan, set agendas for future
    meetings and much more
  • Two-way multi-lingual communication via new channels such as email, text message (SMS), and Twitter, as well as traditional letters
  • A way to distribute training and educational information to patients
  • Secure access to patient records and information for healthcare professionals
  • A way to share information with approved third parties, such as schools

The White Paper

You can download the entire white paper from here.

About Tribal

Tribal is a leading provider of public sector services in the UK and internationally. They believe that high quality public services enrich people’s lives. They also think that everyone should have a good education, accessible healthcare and the opportunity to fulfil their potential. Find them in Australia and New Zealand from their International locations page here: http://www.tribalgroup.com/Contactus/Pages/internationalofficelocations.aspx

Cheers, Ross

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