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Bloated budget for Sydney Water CRM

ZDNet Australia has published an article that says “NSW auditor-general Peter Achterstraat has criticised Sydney Water’s implementation of a Siebel customer relationship management system which is running $34 million over budget and one-and-a-half years over schedule.”

Wow!! This $21M project will now cost $55M and by the time the 2nd phase is completed, it will be a $69M spend which will deliver a key benefit of reducing operating costs by $1.9M per annum. Hmmm…. not a great result for the people of NSW nor a great endorsement for Oracle and their systems integrator, IBM. A real pity they didn’t go with a Microsoft Certified Partner and a solution built around Microsoft Dynamics CRM…

Read the gory details yourself online by clicking here. Once you have read it, you could even add your opinion at the bottom of the article, if you have one…

Cheers, Ross

  1. Mandy
    November 29, 2009 at 11:15 am

    Yep … those numbers don\’t surprise me. Sounding like the early days of failed CRM projects and dropped implementors who couldn\’t get the promised solutions delivered.

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