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PDC09 Session: Three Sessions on Dynamics CRM/xRM including “CRM 5”

Microsoft PDC (Microsoft’s annual Professional Developers Conference) was run this week in Los Angeles. Within PDC09, the Dynamics CRM product team had representation to start showcasing the next generation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and what is means to developers. Check out these three sessions on Dynamics CRM/xRM. They all include a download link for the PowerPoint slides, and one of them includes a downloadable video of the session.

Build a .NET Business Application in 60 Minutes with xRM and SharePoint


You know the Web Services let you quickly build interoperable applications; come see how quickly as we use the business application building capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint to build a high scale business application in one hour. We will demonstrate the speed of the framework by developing a business application complete with reporting, business functionality, security, mobility, portal and collaboration and we’ll build it right in front of your eyes. We think you will find that xRM is the fastest way to build a relational business application.

Developing xRM Solutions Using Windows Azure


Come learn how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be used to rapidly develop on-premises or services-based "anything" Relationship Management (xRM) applications on the Microsoft platform. See how to develop high scale, connected business solutions that extend to the cloud using current and future versions of the xRM platform and Windows Azure.

Managing the Solution Lifecycle for xRM Applications


See how xRM (Anything Relationship Management) provides a set of tools that allow developers to rapidly build extensible, high scale .NET-connected business applications on Microsoft SQL Server and Internet Information Services (IIS) that extend to both Web and Microsoft Office clients. Learn how solution packaging capabilities help improve team work and simplify distribution of business applications. Get a preview of the solution packaging capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 5, showing how you can version, package and deploy solutions containing your data model, .NET assemblies and user interface extensions.

Cheers, Ross

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