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Going to the Australian Partner Conference Next Week?

Come and learn about the world of Dynamics in Australia. With ten sessions to choose from, there is much to learn about the Dynamics business and how you can grow your Dynamics business! There is also a dedicated session to update delegates on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. That session will be presented by myself and Jon Farmer from region. It is on Thursday (September 3rd) from 4:55 – 5:40.

Check out all the Dynamics sessions here: https://partner.microsoft.com/Australia/40113299

The details of my session follow:






Session Blurb


Driving Leadership in CRM and xRM by competing with Dynamics CRM


4.55pm – 5.40pm

Ross Dembecki and Jon Farmer

Discussion of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM strategy to pursue the CRM opportunity in Australia and enter even bigger opportunity for xRM. Learn how Microsoft is competing effectively through investments in industry capability and about our software-plus-services vision for CRM. Microsoft is making a big push into line-of-business apps built on the Dynamics CRM platform, known as xRM. As the "C" in CRM equates to customer, the "x" in xRM equates to "anything" management. Examples include Vendor, Construction and Patient Management. Existing Partner, or those looking to get started in CRM will find actionable information in this session.

Cheers, Ross

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