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Dynamics CRM at Tech Ed Australia

Tech Ed Australia is being held on The Gold Coast 8-11th of September this year. Microsoft Dynamics enhances all lines of business in your organisation and delivers exceptional benefits. Come to Tech Ed Australia and hear how to deploy, enhance and leverage Microsoft Dynamics CRM and integrate it with Line of Business Applications through the extensive services interfaces provided.

The great news is that we now have fantastic Dynamics Break Out Sessions locked in for this years conference. Read on for the details…

Building and Integrating BI and Analytics into CRM

The need for wealth management solutions has increased dramatically-particularly with individuals who are interested in retirement planning, distribution, and wealth transfer as they near retirement within 2-10 years • Changing demographics require further strengthening of customer ties to increase profitability • Must track up-to-the-minute interactions to arm financial advisers with a full client history, including the customer’s financial and risk background as well as risk assessment and asset/investment tracking, so it takes less time to pinpoint investment opportunities. Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the Microsoft BI platform offer a unique platform to build such a solution or any that require together: – Improved decision making with the enhanced insight from powerful analytic tools – A 360° client view-with up-to-date, complete histories . This session will demonstrate how to integrate Analytics into a Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution.

Building Silverlight applications for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

This will be a two part session, starts with a technical deep coding dive on the integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Silverlight (300 level), exploring different ways of integrating these two pieces of technologies, picking up some tips, tricks and gotchas along the way. Following on the second part of the session which is demo’ing some real world examples of building Silverlight applications on top of their LOB xRM implementations to improve user experience, company efficiency, user productivity.

Build xRM line of business applications.

xRM is becoming a new buzzword – it refers to ‘anything’ Relationship Management. Microsoft’s CRM product provides ‘out of the box’ CRM functionality – but it is more than that – it is an ‘application platform’. Traditionally if we have been asked to develop a line of business application we would have more than likely jumped into a custom development project using Visual Studio and started building from the ground up; or even turned to Microsoft Access depending upon the requirement. This session will show you how you can use Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a business application platform to rapidly build and deploy a wide range of custom business applications. As a tool to build line of business applications, learn how quickly data schemas can be modelled, user interfaces designed and business processes automated, thereby optimising productivity, reducing costs and increasing agility across your business and IT organisation.

Dyanmics CRM and a Line of Business Platform

In this demo heavy session we’ll discuss how Dynamics CRM can be used with the broad Microsoft platform to deliver rich line of business experiences. We will look at how rich User eXperiences can be built with WPF, Silverlight and Office as well as how we can achieve exciting new functionality by integrating with technologies such as Office Communications Server and the forthcoming Azure Services platform.

Windows Azure + SSIS + CRM = It’s a bit cloudy down here

Windows Azure is Microsoft’s initiative for cloud computing. It’s an application platform in the cloud that allows applications to be hosted and run at Microsoft datacenters based on Windows Azure Hyper-V (Windows Server 2008) to provide virtualization services. The Azure Services Platform provides an API built on REST, HTTP and XML. This session will showcase the following:

  1. An overview of Windows Azure
  2. Microsoft Online Services (emphasis on Dynamics CRM Online)
  3. Federated Identity Model – Microsoft Services Connector
  4. Consume a service in the cloud through SSIS and pushing information into Dynamics CRM
  5. Creating an Azure service based on Dynamics CRM and consume it from Linux

In addition….

There will also be a great range of Dynamics CRM related Chalk Talks & Birds of a Feather sessions. So if you are in any way involved in or interested in Dynamics CRM  development – make sure you Register soon before we sell out & come along to Tech Ed!! (of course there is also the added bonus of a Netbook preloaded with Windows 7 for all paying attendees!)

There are going to be a number of members of the Dynamics community attending so a great chance to meet & greet the Dynamics MVP’s and the Microsoft Dynamics Team.

Cheers, Ross

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