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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Continues as a Growth Driver in Challenging Economy

Last week Microsoft announced it’s Q3 Fiscal Year 2009 earnings. It was the first time since Microsoft became a public company that revenues declined. Clearly, these are not normal times. It was great to see in the detail of the earnings release that Microsoft Dynamics CRM was highlighted as one of three products in Microsoft’s Business Division to have grown more than 20% year on year.

The slide that accompanied the earnings call to journalists and analysts is highlighted below:

You can get the full details of the call and earnings from our Investor Relations site here:


Our commitment to long term innovation is unwavering and we are on target to spend over $9B USD in R&D this fiscal year, far surpassing the R&D bet being made by other companies.

This long term approach is also something that can be applied by all kinds of organisations in all kinds of industries. Innovative use of CRM strategies throughout the economic downturn is a key pathway to enduring business success. To share our thoughts on how organisations can do this, we recently released a new white paper called

Customer Relationship Management: The Winning Strategy in a Challenging Economy.

As the economic environment continues to fluctuate, many organisations are asking themselves what strategies they can pursue to bring tangible business benefits while taking stock of the economic conditions. While the reaction for many is to become inwardly focused and concentrate on conserving capital, history has shown that it is in these critical times that organisations have a significant opportunity to outflank their competition.

CRM does much more than just track customer interactions. Ultimately, CRM allows organisations to better acquire, manage, serve, and extract value from their customers while improving operational efficiency—something that is critical in today’s economy. This new white paper explores five keys ways that Microsoft Dynamics CRM is providing organisations with the tools and capabilities they need to successfully achieve those five strategies and how to turn a down economy into an opportunity to grow.

I encourage you to check it out and to make that really easy, I have uploaded it to my Windows Live SkyDrive here.

Cheers, Ross

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