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New Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Update Rollup

CRM Update Rollup 2 was recently released. Full details are here on the CRM team blog:

The Microsoft CRM Sustained Engineering (SE) team has now completed the transition to a "frequent Update Rollup servicing model" for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. Starting with this release of Update Rollup 2 (released January 15th) the CRM SE team will release most of its updates only in Update Rollups.

The CRM SE team is planning to release Update Rollups on 8-week cycles; therefore, Update Rollup 3 is scheduled for mid-March. While quality is the focus of every release, they are also trying to be predictable in the release schedule so that customers can schedule deployments of our Update Rollups with confidence. In November, when they released Update Rollup 1, they set the date of Update Rollup 2 to January 15th and met this timeframe. They are doing their best to establish a release rhythm that customers can come to depend on.

The CRM SE team realises that some issues will need to be released quicker than an 8-week schedule. For these cases, the CRM SE team will release Critical on Demand fixes. The Critical on Demand process will follow the previous hotfix process and an individual hotfix will be available from Microsoft Customer Service and Support. The Microsoft Customer Service and Support teams will work with the CRM SE team to determine issues that need to be released as Critical on Demand updates.

How customers report issues to Microsoft will not change. Customers should continue to contact Customer Service and Support for any issues.

Regards, Ross

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