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Announcing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online…

What’s in a name? Well you should know that the new Microsoft-hosted ‘software + services’ offering built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0, has just been renamed from Microsoft Dynamics CRM Live to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

About 18 months ago, we announced plans to release an on-demand offering for Microsoft Dynamics CRM that is managed within Microsoft datacenters. This product is now in production with more than 500 early access customers and is moving into broad “open access” in the US and Canada in Q2 2008.

During this incubation phase the working name for our new on-demand product has been Microsoft Dynamic CRM Live. In recent months, Microsoft has launched the new Online brand, with tremendous investment in and focus around on-demand technology for business users.  Whereas the Live brand is focused on consumers and small businesses, the Online brand is fully aligned with our existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM strategy of delivering outstanding solutions for small businesses, mid-market companies, and large enterprises.  As a result, we will be launching our new on-demand service as Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

I should emphasise that this is a simply a name change; there is no change to our release dates, our target markets, our pricing and packaging, or any other aspect of our new service. It is still about to move into broad "open access" in the US and Canada only.

Links to recent coverage of this name change:

Cheers, Ross

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