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Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 – “Business Application” Training Offer

We’re seeing a growing trend of interest to combine collaboration technology like Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) with Microsoft Dynamics CRM & Microsoft Dynamics ERP deployments. Last week at Convergence (major Dynamics conference in the USA) the Dynamics CRM breakout session with the highest attendance was the one called "Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint: Better Together".

With this in mind, Microsoft Australia is pleased to let you know about a new training course designed to introduce Dynamics partners to SharePoint.

This is an instructor led  “chalk & talk” training designed for Pre-sales Technical Consultants, Technical Consultants, Technical Project Managers, Architects and Business Analysts.

Topics covered in this 1 day course include:

  1. MOSS Capability Overview – a brief discussion of the six major functional areas in SharePoint 2007.
  2. Understanding the "MOSS Building Blocks" – a description of both the physical and logical components that make up a SharePoint solution. We discuss how they fit together and how you can combine these to ensure your solutions can scale to meet demand
  3. A tour of the Central Administration site – gain an insight into how a SharePoint Farm is administered.
  4. Applications, Site Collections and Subsites – explore the main components used to build any SharePoint site. Learn what capabilities are managed at each level.
  5. Inside a sub-site – now that we understand the high level components we can get into the details of what makes up a subsite.
  6. Search – we look into the rich functionality in MOSS to allow users to quickly locate content that exists inside and outside of SharePoint. We look at how the search capabilities are administered and what options are available to fine-tune the search engine to match your client’s needs.
  7. Web Content Management – we look at how SharePoint incorporates Web Content Management functionality.
  8. Business Data Catalog – the BDC provides a framework to gain access to information stored in third-party products. Learn how SharePoint can make use of this content directly within its own environment.

Check out our event registration site for costs, dates and cities this training is coming to between April 4 – 11.


Cheers, Ross

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