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CyTrack telephony and call centre software for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

CyTrack Technologies has 12 years experience specialising in development and distribution of CTI Telephony & Call Centre Business Communications Software. The CyTrack Suite of Business Communications Products is an enabling modular suite designed to deliver the business benefits and functionalities that Computers, Telephones and the Internet can provide. They have an integration available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0. CyTrack Technologies create powerful and versatile software applications that deliver advanced functionality, providing your Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 customers with a business edge.

Nick Millan is the MD of CyTrack Technologies and is very active at Dynamics/Microsoft events and conferences. It was great to see them at Hamilton Island recently for the Microsoft Australian Partner Conference. They will also be at the European customer conference for Microsoft Dynamics next month in Copenhagen, Denmark. Nick has just posted a blog entry with screenshots and text explaining how his CyTrack products add value to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Check it out.

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