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Convergence Between Contact Center and CRM Technologies – Webcast featuring Dynamics CRM

February 22, 2007 Leave a comment

Checkout this new web cast featuring technologies in the contact center breifing run from ComputerWorld’s site.

In business today, Contact Centers are essential in building great customer relationships as they serve as the primary point of contact between companies and their customers. In addition, Customer Relationship Management applications allow companies to manage, develop and grow these relationships effectively.

However, for mid-sized companies, finding an affordable, scalable and flexible customer interaction system that integrates Contact Center and CRM functions has not been an easy task. Join Alcatel-Lucent, Microsoft, and Forrester Research for a roundtable session discussing key trends and the business impact behind converged Contact Center and CRM solutions.

Visit the Webcast at:;51

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New shared-source tools drive BI with Dynamics CRM 3.0

February 14, 2007 Leave a comment

Microsoft has released the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Analytics Foundation to drive business intelligence for customers and partners.

Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM Analytics Foundation is a new way of using business intelligence tools from Microsoft that enable comprehensive analysis and management of customer-facing processes, including business scorecard management, ad-hoc analyses of aggregated customer information, predictive analytics, enhanced reporting, and more.

By building on familiar and easy-to-use Microsoft business intelligence tools, the new analytics capabilities deliver actionable insights via Microsoft Dynamics CRM, consistently and naturally.

Pervasive Business Intelligence

Analytics Foundation uses unified dimensional models to build analytics that can be delivered to end users in the tool of their choice. Capabilities include the following:

  • Real-time business performance management allows business decision-makers to access a real-time graphical view of the health of their business and drill into the details right from their desktops. For example, new key performance indicators enable managers to monitor customer profitability and manage customer service volume forecasts.
  • Business reporting and ad-hoc analysis uses online analytical processing cubes that enable managers and users to quickly and easily analyze Microsoft Dynamics CRM data without the need for IT help.
  • Predictive analytics use the sophisticated data-mining algorithms within Microsoft SQL Server™ Analysis Services to detect patterns within customer information streams and to generate recommendations and decisions for driving better business process performance. For example, predictive analytics can recommend cross-sell and up-sell opportunities to contact-center agents or sales professionals, or automatically prioritize leads based on a historical analysis of the types of leads that are most likely to convert to opportunities.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Analytics Foundation
leverages Microsoft’s broad investment in business intelligence technology and is available as a no-charge, shared-source download for customers and partners. It is currently available via CodePlex (, Microsoft’s open-source project-hosting Web site, and the Microsoft CRM Sandbox a GotDotNet project created for Microsoft CRM users that allows them to share knowledge with other Microsoft CRM administrators, customisers, users and developers.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Analytics Foundation and uses data management and analytic technologies from Microsoft’s suite of business intelligence products including Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Microsoft SharePoint® Technologies, Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manager and Microsoft Office Excel®. Microsoft PerformancePoint™ Server 2007, which will be available later in 2007, will also work closely with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Analytics Foundation.

Where do I get it?
The current release contains sample code, pre-built templates and components, and guidelines for building business intelligence solutions on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0. Download it from the Releases Section

Where do I learn more about it on CodePlex?


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Optimizing the Performance of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 Paper

February 7, 2007 Leave a comment

Microsoft has released the “Optimizing the Performance of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0” White Paper to the Microsoft Download Centre.

This white paper discusses how to optimise the performance of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 system. You’ll learn how re-indexing, de-fragmenting, and regularly maintaining your databases can increase the speed with which Microsoft Dynamics CRM accesses your data.

The white paper includes more advanced techniques as well, such as improving report performance, configuring Microsoft SQL Server, and optimising Microsoft Internet Information Services and the .NET Framework for Microsoft CRM 3.0.

You’ll find complete SQL scripts that you can copy and use immediately. Finally, you’ll find links to additional information and resources, such as performance enhancements, security updates, Knowledge Base articles, and related Microsoft Dynamics CRM documentation.



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