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Office 2003 – Office 2007 “Ribbon Mapping”

I have been using the Beta of Office 2007 for awhile now. It is really going to enhance the productivity of Microsoft CRM 3.0 users. If you are thinking about using it soon, you may be interested in my thoughts about the new user interface in Office 2007. 

Overall, I really like the new UI in Office 2007. It looks great and it exposes a lot of features to many people that never knew they were there. However, sometimes it frustrates me because I can’t find a seldom used feature that I had mastered in previous versions… Well the folks on the Office team knew this would be an issue for a lot of users and they have created some great guides to overcome it.  

If you know how to do a task in Office 2003, just look it up and the guide shows you how to do it in Office 2007! These guides have been published on Microsoft’s ‘Office Online’ service. I thought you might appreciate some links to these guides for you to keep as a reference.

For Word 2007:

For Excel 2007:

For Outlook 2007:

For PowerPoint 2007:

Enjoy, Ross

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