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Customer Support Plans from Microsoft for Microsoft CRM

I got asked today how much the various support incidents and packages cost. I was suprised at how long it took me to find out the answer. With that in mind, I’m posting it here so I can easily find it the next time! 

The service plans available for Microsoft CRM customers are more than a software maintenance program – they are a key element of your ongoing success and expertise with a business solution. The MBS support offerings are designed to deliver industry-leading service, helping customers ensure greater overall success with their investments.

1.    Software Assurance (SA)

  • If you purchased your licenses through Microsoft Volume Licensing, they are automatically enrolled in a service plan called Software Assurance.
  • Software Assurance is 25% of the system list price.
  • The benefits you receive through Software Assurance scale according to which Microsoft Volume Licensing program you purchased your product through (Open and Open Value Volume Licensing or Select or Enterprise Agreement Volume Licensing). The benefits include technical support, access to CustomerSource (a secure customer portal), online training and more.
  • Download the Software Assurance for Open and Open Value Licensing Program datasheet and Software Assurance for Select and Enterprise Volume Licensing Program datasheet for further details on the benefits.

2.    Full Packaged Product Maintenance (FPP) – If you purchased your licenses through Full Packaged Product, you will be enrolled in Full Packaged Product Maintenance.

3.    Flex Support – Flex 5-Pack Support and Flex Per-Incident Support provides customers with an affordable way to receive support from Microsoft for those who prefer to “pay as they go”. Customers who are enrolled in Software Assurance for Open, Open Value, or Full Packaged Product Maintenance will receive a discount.

  1. 5-Pack Support Incidents – The 5-Pack provides you with greater responsiveness, the convenience of an advanced purchase, and an even more affordable way to receive support from MBS. You will receive a 3-business hour guaranteed response time on support requests and the incidents will expire one year form the date of purchase of the package.
  2. Per Incident – The Per-Incident Support will provide you with convenient access to support assistance on an as-needed basis. You will receive an eight-business hour guaranteed response time on support requests. The Flex Per-Incident Support can be purchased with a credit card when requesting support assistance from MBS.
  3. Contact – You can contact our support professionals and utilise the 5-Pack of Per-Incident Support at 13 16 30.
  4. Pricing

Customer not in a Service Plan

Customer in a Service Plan (FPP or SA)

Per Incident

5 Incidents Pack

Per Incident

5 Incidents Pack

AUD $210

AUD $825

AUD $175

AUD $685

Regards, Ross

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